Walking around the area gave me the feeling that I’m on a different era. I can smell the food from different stores as I walk along the alleys while hearing people talking in foreign languages. I just love how dated and beautiful the place is.

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Dear Bangalore

I finally had the courage to try the rickshaw. I attempted to bargain with the fare, but he knows this game so well, he won. He asked for 70 Rupees.

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While walking I saw a person covered in white clothing walking towards opposite direction of mine. I asked him if I can take a photo of him. He smiled, then stopped for me.

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Travel Highlights of 2016

2016 – What a year it has been.

This year definitely gave me a lot of great memories that I will forever be grateful for.

My motto for this year is “You’re at the right place, at the right time.” Despite of many unpleasant events that happened to me this year I’m glad that I managed to keep my cool for most of the times, it has been a test of character I would say.

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